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I know you are dedicated to your self expansion, ready to embark on this transformative journey and I want to show you that I'm dedicated to getting you there, NOW rather than later.

You see, the Quantum Field doesn't wait around for us to buy into how it works. It all happens now, and we must align our frequency with what we choose in the NOW!

Right NOW, you're living in the vibration of an abundance of resources flowing to you, that's how you manifested these opportunities into your life!

I understand that diving into a 13-week life altering masterclass journey can feel like a big commitment, which is why I condensed the most vital information into a 1-week course which provides a perfect introduction to the foundational principles and techniques of the Reality Creation Process and Quantum Shift Exploration.

The RCP Journey is a powerful immersion into the realm of conscious manifestation, where you'll learn to harness your energy, transform your consciousness, and manifest your desires with intention and clarity.

The 1 Week RCP Course & Bonus Session Bundle contains more than $2,000 of valuable resources! But you can secure your spot for only $555!

This opportunity includes:

👉 Lifetime Access to the Reality Creation Process Course ($555 value)

🔥 The most powerful session I've ever recorded, the "Portal to a Life You Love" ($222 value)

📅 A one month series of Bonus Integration Sessions ($1,111 value)

🧭 Lifetime Access to weekly support calls ($222/month value)

🫂 Lifetime Access to the Etayowa community of Super Conscious Creators

All this and more... worth well over $2,000...

The bonus sessions are full super conscious active energy work sessions, typically only available to students of the 13 Week QSE & RCP Masterclass!

The 1 week course itself includes about 1 hour of material each day. With the inclusion of the bonus integration sessions you'll be receiving a value of more than $2,000 included!

I'm confident you'll receive more from this course than you'll ever invest after watching hundreds of students completely transform their life using the RCP integration method.

By registering for the Reality Creation Process Course you are committing to develop yourself to your maximum potential, fully utilizing all the resources provided.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll receive with

the 1 Week Reality Creation Process Course

1. Discover the Secrets of Super Conscious Creation: Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that govern your Reality Creation Process. Uncover how your thoughts, emotions, and energy influence the reality you experience and learn how to harness these forces to manifest your dreams.

2. Command Your Energy and Intention with Mastery: Learn powerful techniques to expand your self-awareness, integrating limiting beliefs, and activating your higher dimensional abilities. Become the commander of your energy, effortlessly shifting negative patterns into positive manifestations before they get traction and wreck your life.

3. Align with Your Soul's Purpose: Tap into the wisdom of your soul and unlock your true potential. Discover your soul's blueprint by exploring your chakra system and energy field. Transform frustration and lack into abundance, freedom, and success in every area of life.

4. Activate Your Intuition and Inner Guidance: Awaken your psychic and intuitive abilities, connecting with your higher self, spirit guides, and universal consciousness. Experience profound insights, expanded awareness, and a heightened connection to divine guidance.

5. Create Rapid Transformations: Unlock the secrets of quantum shifts and timeline alterations. Heal past traumas, reprogram subconscious patterns, and create lasting change in all areas of your life. Experience the joy of instant healing and integration.

6. Master your Systems of Perception: Gain mastery over your systems of perception to access the life of your dreams. Awareness is the most powerful force in nature, and by understanding and adjusting your systems of perception, you can shape your reality.

7. Command your Reality Interface Processes: Discover powerful ways to balance and harmonize your life by understanding and utilizing your reality interface processes. Learn how and when to deploy these processes to create the life you desire.

8. Integrate your Systems of Consciousness: Gain a conscious relationship with your systems of consciousness, empowering you to pilot your own life with balance, harmony, and love for self and others. Navigate through the infinite possibilities of reality as the creator of your life.

9. Activate your Vehicle of Consciousness: Equip yourself with the knowledge and experience to pilot your life and navigate your quantum field after activating your vehicle of consciousness. Tap into the infinite love and power of your super conscious self, aligning all systems of yourself for a Quantum Shift to a Life You Love.

10. Master the art of making Conscious Choices: Learn to make high-quality choices aligned with your soul's true nature and purpose. Navigate your life with choices that take you where you truly want to go, tapping into the full power of your super conscious self.

11. Learn to Integrate Your Consciousness: Connect with your full consciousness and bring neutrality to the limiting aspects of your life. Heal and integrate areas such as inner child traumas, relationships, careers, and creativity. Embrace your whole being and call all parts of yourself home.

12. Bonus Super Conscious Integration Sessions: Receive the most powerful consciousness integration session I've ever recorded which acts as a "Portal to the Life You Love" along with five additional bonus sessions for free. These transformative sessions, usually valued at over $1,100, are designed to support your integration and expansion and can be used again and again.

13. You'll Unlock Your Highest Potential: Liberate yourself from traumas and negative patterns, aligning with a life you truly love. Open doors to opportunities and achievements beyond your wildest imagination as you tap into your infinite, limitless potential.

How It Works:

1. Discover

You'll unlock a profound understanding of your systems of consciousness. Gain unprecedented clarity about how consciousness works and uncover the depths of your own being, revealing a level of self-awareness you never thought possible, truly getting to know yourself!

2. Integrate

Experience the power of integration as you craft carefully aligned choices which will manifest your most fulfilling purpose. You'll learn to utilize your Super Conscious to create instant shifts, healing deep traumas and shifting stubborn negative patterns and limiting beliefs that have held you back!

3. Actualize

Equipped with these transformative tools and more, you'll bring to life a reality you truly love. Master the energy of your consciousness and step into a life that once seemed out of reach. Discover that it has been waiting for you all along, ready for you to embrace your Super Conscious self!

Here's Exactly What Is Included

  • Lifetime Access to the Reality Creation Process Course ($555 value)

  • "A Portal to a Life You Love" Integration Session ($222 value)

  • One month of Bonus Integration Sessions ($1,111 value)

  • Two Complementary Guidance Zoom Calls ($222 value)

  • Lifetime Access to weekly support calls ($222/month value)

  • Lifetime Access to the RCP community of Super Conscious Creators

All this and more... worth well over $2,000... all included in your scholarship package.

And Here's What You Will NOT Get:

  • Access to the 13 Week QSE & RCP Masterclass Journey. You can apply for access to the masterclass by asking your QSE & RCP guide how you can apply to get into this exclusive program while you are on your discovery or guidance call.

  • 1 on 1 QSE or RCP Sessions. These sessions are extensive, 1 on 1, two to three hours in length and assist you with your biggest challenges. You can book these 1 on 1 sessions AFTER completing the 1 week course, but they aren't included.

This will change your life. But,

Don't just take my word for it...

We've worked with people all around the world.

Here is what they have to say:

Gerrit Bruwer

Distance Reiki Healer

Cape Town, South Africa

It's been life changing for me. I really didn't enjoy my life previously, and now I'm living my best life every day! I have literally changed my life from being unhappy all the time to every day I say "This is my best day ever in my life so far". I've recently quit my day job and I now do distance healing full-time, which I absolutely love! Since I started the RCP Journey, I've changed my life 180 degrees and I'm now going full steam ahead. I've been through the QSE and I've seen all the cool stuff that comes out of that, it has helped me learn so much personally through these quantum theta sessions!

Maraea Davies

Creative Media Producer

Auckland, New Zealand

Make a choice in RCP and watch what happens in your life. You will be as astounded as I have been, by the results and by what you create.

Through RCP I have reprogrammed the aspects of my being that were still anchored to conditioning that was created in my youth. This has allowed for greater authenticity in the way in which I communicate, for me to know that what I have to say is valuable, and that all of me - in my entirety, is whole, complete and amazing. I am experiencing the results of this reprogramming across all areas of my life.

It is Josiah’s knowledge of the process of divine creation together with his skill in using 13th Dimensional frequencies and technology that makes RCP so special, unique and a tool that I will predict will help many.

I have realised incredible transformations from doing RCP. Some surprising, all life changing. The biggest shift has been the way I see myself and my ability to create what I want in all areas of my life because of this adjustment. I am almost 50, and have done my share of soul searching over the years without results that made a difference to my experience of life. So to finally arrive at this point, is huge.

One of the things I love most about RCP is the fact that every week I have a profound experience with the integrations and the time spent within those integrations within the quantum field. It’s like a supercharged meditation. I swear after each integration it is like I just had a two hour sleep.

Prior to RCP I didn't know what a quantum field was or that portals were actual things. So in the very first integration when I saw an actual portal, I was blown away. It is such an incredible experience to feel yourself warping from one dimension into another and to see the exact same thing that the others in the room, can see in their own minds eyes.

My perception and knowing of myself and the universe within has expanded beyond my wildest expectations. In fact I don’t recognise myself from the person I was prior to RCP.

My approach to life was previously anchored to self sabotaging patterns that were forged in childhood. Through the process of RCP I have been able to transcend these patterns and self imposed limitations and all it took was the ability to make a choice, reprogram my superconsciousness through the quantum field and track the areas of my life I wanted to adjust. I’m in my highest timeline now. If you are ready to step into your own highest timeline, do RCP.

I have been a creative most of my life - making what I consider to be beautiful or uplifting media - and in spite of this there were many areas of my life - like my relationships - that I just couldn’t seem to create the same beauty in. RCP has been a game changer in this respect. I am powerfully creating in all areas of my life now and the difference in the relationship I have with myself and others, is profound.

I was one of these Gen Xers that carried the conditioning of a 'be seen and not heard' youth, for almost five decades. I struggled with self worth, self expression and communication. It was so easy for me to feel like an imposter when communicating my vision for example or when speaking with and to authority. I had accumulated so much frustration over this. Since RCP I am actively making choices to be fully self expressed and feel a huge sense of freedom. I am proof that RCP works for the ‘unteacheables'.

Still not sure?

Here is what people just like you who have implemented RCP into their life have shared about their experience!

The Reality Creation Process and Quantum Shift Exploration was like a rocket blasting off! Doing the quantum work with Lee is just super exciting to me because it's fulfilling my purpose! I learned so much, I had no idea the connections that I would make, the things I would learn, or the healing I was going to discover!

Amber Corsana

Author & Quantum Healer

Washington State, United States

I'm at the end of our one-on-one coaching journey. So grateful for the soul expansion and the self remembrance, integrating my multi-dimensional, galactic source self... everything you guys teach here and help us remember through the integrations of wholeness. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude!

Allison Glasser

Light Language Activator

New Hampshire, United States

It's been so life-changing. I have completely shifted my whole life! The RCP program transformed my own personal evolution, my own growth, what I'm here to create, and how it ties in with everything that I've already been working on founding for myself. To be a part of a larger group community and to be able to make the biggest impact of all time is such an honor. I am so thankful to be here.

Ashely Mae

Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner

Oregon, United States

I studied in kinesiology and reiki for the last four years but there was something missing. I've just done the 1st week session of the RCP course and that has been absolutely mind blowing. What I experienced there is I could feel the energy, and I stepped out as this new person, this, lighter, completely new soul. It was just absolutely amazing.

Gale McAll

Kinesiology & Reiki Practioner

Cape Town, South Africa

We were asking for next level stuff, and we called this to ourselves. QSE & RCP was just beautiful to receive with Aela and Aarun. It's been the biggest gift. Just like the next level of expansion for myself, and then to see that reflected in others... I'm so grateful to be part of this process!

Hoot Maynard

TV & Film Producer

Colorado, United States

For me it was amazing. It was, life altering. RCP flipped things for me, it was like a rapid healing session. Suddenly all at once I was able to tackle all of these little things.

What I learned in the Reality Creation Process was something so huge for me because it explained why so many of my heartfelt attempts so far have failed.

Carien Schoeman

Quantum Hypnosis & Reiki

Cape Town, South Africa

Disclaimer: Creating a Life You Love is a responsibility and requires a consistent dedicated focus on expanding into the highest version of yourself. As with anything in your life, you must take consistent aligned action to get long term results that last. This is not a get rich quick easy way out program. This is for those who are ready to take full responsibility for creating their reality invoking their divinity to assist the self expansion process. Results demonstrated on this site are the achievements of our students who have taken this material and applied it to their life taking consistent aligned action. As with all educational information, if you don’t use it and apply it to your life it will be of no benefit to you. It is your responsibility and yours only to ensure you get results. If you put in the work to know yourself and make use of the tools and support provided by The Awakening Begins you have the opportunity to create anything you can dream of. All courses, masterclasses, and educational material is provided by The Awakening Begins and is backed by our 14 day money back guarantee!

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