Stop Negative Cycles in their Tracks and

Embody Your Super Conscious Self

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Quantum Shift with your Reality Creation Process Free 1 Hour Mastermind

Aarun-Josiah is the creator & presenter of the Reality Creation Process. His work as a Consciousness Systems Integrator, inspired through contact with the Pleiadians, is known around the world for it's rapid life changing impact on human consciousness!

In this free, 1 hour mastermind, you will...

Discover ancient secrets about your consciousness with modern applications allowing you to embody your Super Conscious Self!

STOP negative cycles and patterns in their tracks BEFORE they get traction...

instead, quickly and easily create a positive quantum shift with massive results in every area of life!

At the end of this mastermind training...

  • I share why positive affirmations often don't work and the secret method that people just like you from all over the world are using to 10x their manifestations!

  • You will be able to schedule a completely free, 1 on 1 RCP Session! We will dive into your most difficult challenges with you and help you apply the information you learn here in actionable ways that apply directly to your life! Yes, it's free, all you have to do is show up!

  • I will let you in on the Secret Super Conscious Formula that my masterclass students from all over the world are using to heal traumas, overcome blockages, grow their business, manifest wealth, and create lives they love in just days or weeks!

Don’t take my word for it - just see for yourself and watch this free mastermind training!

In just 1 hour, I'll share how you can use the secrets of your Systems of Consciousness in your Reality Creation Process to develop the ability to quickly bring looping negative cycles of failure on every level and in every area of life to an end, establishing new lasting patterns of success that stick!

These are the same processes that I use to help people from all over the world, just like you, to escape limitations, by equipping yourself with the tools within your own consciousness to create instant shifts and transformations in any situation no matter how difficult or how stuck you might feel!

You can do it to! You can become a Super Conscious Creator!

After you watch the mastermind, you are invited to schedule a free 1 on 1 discovery call, we'll dive into your unique situation and assist you in implementing what you've learned into your life immediately!

In this free mastermind, you'll learn about

  • I share the reason that positive affirmations often just don't work!

  • I share what you can do instead that has people all over the world manifesting 10x faster!

  • You will join with others from all around the world who are using the Quantum Shift Exploration & Reality Creation Process methods to become commanders of energy discovering your soul’s true purpose and becoming the Super Conscious You.

  • As a Super Conscious Creator you’ll activate your higher dimensional abilities, learn to transform your career, business and professional life into massive success while fulfilling your purpose in your soul's alignment.

  • You’ll create harmonious, peaceful and fulfilling relationships while you level up becoming the best version of yourself embodying the truth of what you are and who you are through your direct connection with the source and truth of all things.

  • You’ll open doors in the universe for new aligned opportunities in each season of life that take you to levels of a life you love beyond your wildest imagination.

What I share in this free 1 hour mastermind completely transformed my life in just a few days!

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"My life has completely changed.

When I say completely...

I mean the universe moved everything."

~ Caity Maxwell from Canada

Public Speaker & Free Will Advocate

"I had pain in my back, especially my lower back for a long time, like significant pain. I'd wake up with it pretty much every day. My doctors told me "you've got degenerative spine disease". I go to this Summit in Mexico where I first encountered RCP. We do the RCP integration, and sure as shit you guys, I have not had lower back pain since doing RCP at the Summit in Tecate last August. It just happened, and it was gone."

~ Amber Corsana from Washington State, United States

Author Architecture of the Soul

"I've been searching ever since I can remember for the tools to be able to transcend this programming that I carried through from childhood. Wanting some way to reprogram myself, to reprogram my mindset, to reprogram at a very deep level. With the Reality Creation Process, it's a new paradigm... if I'm calling the way that I always manifested an old paradigm, which I am... I'm just so grateful to have found QSE & RCP this year, so that I have been able to really step into making choices for myself."

~ Maraea Davies from Auckland New Zealand

Creative Media Producer & Divination Expert

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