Training Event with Aarun & Aela

Quantum Shift Your Life or Business Challenge

so that you can create a life you love, discover your soul’s purpose, and take command of your energy while you embody your passion through your thriving business as a Super Conscious Entrepreneur

even if you have massive blockages, struggle to overcome failures and traumas, and everything you’ve tried has failed leaving you feeling completely frustrated and stuck, thinking you’re a lost cause

We've Helped Hundreds of Clients Overcome their Blockages & Create a Life of Freedom

Here's How

On This 90 Minute Training You'll Learn...

🧭 How to quickly and easily Master the Systems of your Consciousness to create tangible impact in our lives and the world around us by transforming our mental, emotional and spiritual energy, supporting rapid expansion of an impactful purpose lead career or business as a conscious entrepreneur!

🧘‍♂️ The True Reason For and Purpose of Meditating that allows us to create tangible and impactful change, and how to apply this in relationships and conscious businesses building impactful visions at scale!

🚀 Activation of the Super Conscious Blueprint in your 9 Chakra System which can impact health, wealth, and relationships in a few weeks, or even days!

🫂 How to effectively integrating sabotage patterns, cycles of failure, traumas, and blockages creating freedom from feeling stuck in continually repeating the same never ending loop trying to get ahead!

🧬 The exact process we have used with ourselves and 100’s of others to shift through the biggest challenges and create lives we love filled with healthy fulfilling relationships, thriving businesses that follow our souls blueprints while developing full energetic self mastery in just 13 weeks!

Presented By Aela-Lee & Aarun-Josiah

Aela-Lee & Aarun-Josiah are the creators of the Reality Creation Process & Quantum Shift Exploration Methods. Their work as a Consciousness Systems Integrators & Quantum Field Navigators, inspired through contact with the Pleiadians, is known around the world for it's rapid life changing impact on human consciousness and quality of life!

At the end of this training...

  • We will share why positive affirmations don't work and the secret method that people just like you from all over the world are using to 10x their manifestations!

  • We will share how to AVOID the 2 biggest MISTAKES everyone makes on their healing journey that most healers and coaches are not aware of!

  • We will share how you can get a free copy of the Super Conscious Formula workbook that has helped thousands of people connect with their super conscious self!

Disclaimer: Creating a Life You Love is a responsibility and requires a consistent dedicated focus on expanding into the highest version of yourself. As with anything in your life, you must take consistent aligned action to get long term results that last. This is not a get rich quick easy way out program. This is for those who are ready to take full responsibility for creating their reality invoking their divinity to assist the self expansion process. Results demonstrated on this site are the achievements of our students who have taken this material and applied it to their life taking consistent aligned action. As with all educational information, if you don’t use it and apply it to your life it will be of no benefit to you. It is your responsibility and yours only to ensure you get results. If you put in the work to know yourself and make use of the tools and support provided by The Awakening Begins you have the opportunity to create anything you can dream of. All courses, masterclasses, and educational material is provided by The Awakening Begins and is backed by our 14 day money back guarantee!

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