The 7 M's of Manifestation

7 Day Challenge to Manifest the Maximum Motivation, Money and Marketing for your Message through your Meaningful Mission

so that you can be free, and impact the world the way your soul is meant to even if you don't feel prepared for your mission at all!

What I am going to share with you during this 7 Day Manifestation Challenge has helped hundreds of my clients Shift their Blockages to Create a Fulfilling Life of Freedom while Impacting the Planet with a Meaningful Mission Right Now

πŸ“… Dates: Daily for 7 Consecutive Days

πŸ•‘ Class Time: Same Time Every Day

🎟️ Ticket Cost: FREE $0.00 Just Show Up

πŸͺœDaily Class: Builds on the Previous Day

Presented by Aarun-Josiah

Aarun is the creator & presenter of the Reality Creation Process. His work as a Consciousness Systems Integrator, inspired through contact with the Pleiadians, is known around the world for it's rapid life changing impact on human consciousness! He is the founder of The Awakening Begins and the Collective Planetary Impact Network which is a collective of consciousness innovators and pioneers, dedicated to creating rapid life altering positive impact in the world!

During this Free 7 day Challenge You'll Learn...

🌳 The Root Chakra. How to Maximize the 7 M’s of Manifestation that define the difference between those who manifest and those who do not, grounding the space of your chakras to hold your vision.

πŸ”₯ The Sacral Chakra. How to inspire Motivation & shift the 3 Sabotages of Dis-Service, learning how to avoid them so that you can effectively serve through your mission with maximum creativity.

β˜€οΈ The Solar Plexus. Empowering your Money with the 3 Principles of Currency, Value & Exchange, learning what money is and how to use it with the 6 Natural Expressions of Currency.

πŸ’š The Heart Chakra. Quantum Marketing, knowing how to love those you serve enough to let them know you’re here and communicate effectively through your marketing.

πŸ—£οΈ The Throat Chakra. Crafting your Message with the most important things you can communicate to anyone, discovering where your interest and insight becomes influence and impact.

πŸ‘οΈ The Third Eye Chakra. What is Meaning, and how is your Vision Connected with Creating Your Meaning from Within while knowing what and who meaning is really for.

πŸ‘‘ The Crown Chakra. Mastering the Mission with the 3 Principles of Value to become absolutely obsessed with in order to give and receive the purpose of your mission with maximum effectiveness.

I'm finally ready to share this with you for free in a super impactful way, during this event, so you can interact with me and 100's of others through this intense 7 day journey together.

There is a catch though, and I want to be fully transparent up front, so here's the details:

πŸ•‘ Be On Time! This will be held on time every day, you must pre-register and you must show up on time, every day, no exceptions. If you are committed to showing up for yourself you can achieve great things!

🎯 Be Committed! This is your shot to commit to yourself fully and go all in to realize your vision. The ONLY investment is to be committed to yourself, show up every day and put what you learn into action!

🀝 We good? If you can you commit to the above, then we have a deal... There's no cost to you... and you can participate in the 7 day challenge class for free.

If you complete the 7 day challenge, at the end I will...

  • Share with you a one-time offer to work with me and my team directly to create your unique mission through Quantum Shift Exploration using your Reality Creation Process.

  • Share how to get a free copy of my workbook for your self study in utilizing the basics of your Reality Creation Process to create Super Conscious Commands and manifest a life you love.

Disclaimer: Creating a Life You Love is a responsibility and requires a consistent dedicated focus on expanding into the highest version of yourself. As with anything in your life, you must take consistent aligned action to get long term results that last. This is not a get rich quick easy way out program. This is for those who are ready to take full responsibility for creating their reality invoking their divinity to assist the self expansion process. Results demonstrated on this site are the achievements of our students who have taken this material and applied it to their life taking consistent aligned action. As with all educational information, if you don’t use it and apply it to your life it will be of no benefit to you. It is your responsibility and yours only to ensure you get results. If you put in the work to know yourself and make use of the tools and support provided by The Awakening Begins you have the opportunity to create anything you can dream of.

Now off you go! Stop thinking limiting thoughts and click one of the buttons to sign up. . . Let’s go create something beautiful!

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